Writing Lab Report: Redox Reactions – Activity Series

Help me study for my Chemistry class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

I have attached a pdf file of the lab Redox Reactions – Activity Series

Read all of experiment 7 in the lab manual. You will be be completing a modified version of this experiment using a series of sixteen videos created by Professor Judy George and filmed by Senior Lab Technician Lisa Oertling.

watch the following videos and record experimental observations about physical and chemical changes. You will create an activity series.


  • Title page
  • objective- A brief description of the purpose of the experiment. That is, why are you doing this experiment? To understand a concept?
  • brief intro – explaining the lab
  • Results and Calculations section
    • Table summarizing your major experimental results.
      • Experimental observations
      • Balanced net ionic reactions
      • Element oxidized, element reduced, stronger oxidizing agent, and more active element.
    • Discussion
      • State your activity series.
      • Analyze your experimental data:
        • Did you have any difficulties determine the activity series?
        • If so, what species are you unsure of the relative activities?
        • What additional experiments might help you to make a better assessment of relative activities?
      • State any sources of error. What affect did it have on your activity series?
    • Conclusion
      • Reiterate your experimental activity series using complete sentences.