writing course assignment

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1. CP Full Rough Draft (1500-2000) we had 650 right now

Please upload a complete, revised draft of your CP. See the prompt for questions about word count, etc.

This complete draft should include all three (or more) multi-modal elements( multi-modal evidence, an academic title (following our Problem: Cause-of-Problem formula))

You should also include a first attempt at a Conclusion here. See pp. 98-99 of the AGWR for some helpful advice. Generally, a conclusion is the place to address the larger implications of the argument you’ve made. I.e., you don’t just “restate your thesis” (though you might do that, too). Instead, try to emphasize for your reader why the argument you’re making really matters. The conclusion is the place to definitively answer the all-important “So What?” question.

Because your CP is about the historical cause(s) of an urgent present-day problem, one good option for your conclusion is to introduce possible solutions to the problem—after all, solutions will be the focus of your next paper, the AP. Another related possibility is to spend your conclusion discussing past attempts at solutions to this problem—and why they’ve failed, or why successful solutions are so difficult to find/implement. In other words, your conclusion is a good place to go into more detail about why solving the particular problem you’re dealing with is so difficult, so complicated.


Annotated Bibliography (continue.) we have three right now, need three more

Please create annotations for three (3) additional sources related to your CP and add them to the Annotated Bibliography that you started last week. Note: these sources should be different from the ones you evaluated in the 3 Source Evaluations assignment and the first Annotated Bibliography assignment. All three of these annotations should be for scholarly, peer-reviewed sources! No more popular newspaper and magazine articles! If you are still struggling to find scholarly sources, please let me know ASAP.

As with the last Annotated Bibliography assignment, your main job here is to summarize each source and articulate how you plan to use it for your own argumentative purposes. The questions on pp. 241-242 of the AGWR (and the sample annotated bibliographies from OWL Purdue (Links to an external site.)) will be very helpful.