writing assignment

Please submit details regarding the company, real or fictional, that you will be consulting for regarding their need for project management software as well as a detailed explanation regarding their needs. This will be the foundation for LO 1 on the full paper that is due later this semester.

I included a description of LO 1 here but I encourage you to review the full paper assignment (in the module) to obtain a perspective of the requirements for a company here. This is not a separate assignment but rather just for me to ensure that you are on the right path for the full paper that is due later.


  • Provide information about your company and define their needs in terms of project management software. (Be specific)
  • Clearly state the purpose of the paper as an attempt to meet the needs you have identified.


Writing Assignment

I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

topic is TARIFFS

search for an article, write 150 words summary, then write a 150 words opinion about it

Chapter 4: Tariffs

  • Articles are to be selected from the business press. The article should be no more than 3 months
  • the topic of the article you select must tie with assigned topic.(Tariffs)
  • The summary of the article should not go beyond one paragraph (about 5 sentences.) The article summary must be in your own words
  • Please also provide an opinion of the article or discuss what makes it important or interesting. Must include a cited link in APA format to the article.