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Based upon your reading of Stout, Friedman, Freeman, the IKEA case, corporate ethical leadership, culture and governance (ch 5, Brooks) , viewing the China Blue film and learning about CSR, shareholder primacy as well as stakeholder interests, Written Assignment 2 asks you to build upon the DQ’s of the past few weeks and further crystallize your thinking by writing an essay about your point of view regarding whether maximizing shareholder value is the most useful primary influence on modern day business. As you look ahead, would you advocate that this bottom-line focus shift to another perspective that you think can lead to more profitable, productive, sustainable and principled economic activity or is a bottom-line focus still best for all. In this context discuss whether you would advocate for any broad revisions that you think would be useful from a corporate governance perspective given that the current framework is that boards have a primary responsibility to shareholders and primary emphasis is on profits. Additional research is not necessary or required but referencing the assigned readings etc. would be most suitable to underpin your argument(s).

it is should be 900-1200 words or so


writing assignment #4

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Format: 8.5″x11″ pages, 1″ margins, Times New Roman font, double spaced lines, indented the first line of each paragraph. Substantial errors in spelling or grammar will result in a reduction of grade. Student name and page number may be placed in a header within the margins, but this is not required (since Canvas will tell me who each paper was submitted by). Professor name, course name, date, etc. need not be included. File should be in .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) format.

Content: In 2-3 pages (approximately 5 full paragraphs), explain your position on the legality of abortion (i.e., the extent to which you think it should be legal or not) and how, if at all, your position follows from your moral commitments. Your response will also be checked against an anti-plagiarism database, so be sure to attribute any sources you quote (I prefer this be done in footnotes, but if you prefer to add a bibliography, include that separately from the 2-3 page length.)