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The retailer is NORDSTROM

1.Describe the current climate and situation that your retailer finds itself in as it attempts to compete.

a. Describe what is occurring in the industry.

b. Provide a brief overview of the retail sector in which the retailer operates.

c. What environmental and economic factors are affecting the retailer?

d. Describe competitive pressures, changing demographics and buying preferences, consumer behavior issues,image issues, etc. that affect this retailer and how it conducts business?

e. How has the industry changed as a result of ecommerce and technology?

2.How has your retailer changed and evolved over time?

a. What is your retailer’s primary business?

b. What is the business model (how does it choose to operate)?

c. What is the corporate strategy?

d. What are the goals?

e. What parts of the business are growing and generating the most revenue? f. How is your retailer seeking to increase revenue in the future?

3.Corporate Analysis

a. What is the parent company of your retailer?

b. What retailers are parts of the parent company’s portfolio?

c. What is the parent company’s overall market strategy and how does this retailer fit into the overall strategy?