Writing Assignment #2

Need help with my History question – I’m studying for my class.

For your second writing assignment, read the following two article Rethinking Jamestown” by Jeffrey L. Sheler published in Smithsonian Magazine in January 2005. The article follows after the questions, but you may read it digitally if you Google “Smithsonian Magazine Rethinking Jamestown.” Although the article is a bit dated, it does provide interesting insight into the several years of archaeological discoveries at the Jamestown site and how these discoveries challenged traditional views of Jamestown. I’ve also supplied a YouTube video in the Writing Assignment module called “Nightmare in Jamestown” that provides a narrated story of Jamestown based on the archaeological findings. This is just optional viewing to learn more about the archaeological discoveries at Jamestown; no question come from the video.After a close reading of the article, answer the following questions with insight and clarity. Your answers will largely be written summaries of the article’s main points and content. Use much of your own words as possible and avoid implementing too many exact words from the article. Type and proofread your responses. Single or double-spaced is up to you. Provide one-two paragraphs for the three (3) point questions and two-three paragraphs for the five (5) point questions. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.