Writing about the meaning of technology , engineering and social progress

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Dialogue – Aid Sheet

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Students must develop the ability to assess the implementation technology has on society including its social, cultural, and environmental consequences.Future graduates need to assess technology as part of their job related duties in business, industry, government, or as private citizens.Technology is constantly assessed in an attempt to determine its overall value in meeting human needs, wants, and desires.The introduction of new technology has costs and benefits that can result in anticipated and unanticipated consequences for society.It is often the role of individuals to determine if a technology should be adopted and fostered in society.As you complete this dialogue aid sheet, please use complete sentences, and provide more than just a sentence or two.For most of the topics being addressed in the readings, you will need to develop several paragraphs or more for each section on this sheet to fully illustrate your ideas.Simply type your responses and add as many paragraphs or pages as necessary.Please check your spelling and grammar before submitting these for grading.

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  1. Identify three basic, yet major concepts which were dealt with in the readingsNote each concept should contain a paragraph or more):
  1. What do you believe to be the most insightful ideas in this reading?
  1. What do you believe to be the greatest weakness in this selection?
  1. What are the ethical issues and perspectives that are associated with this technology or presented in the readings?
  1. What are the social, cultural, or environmental issues associated with this technology or presented in the readings?
  1. What generalizations can be made from the readings about the impact of technology on the quality of life? Note you may look at this from the point of view of a specific technology or technology in general.