Writing a Research Paper in Hotel Industry_______5000 words in the content

I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

My title is The impact of COVID-19 on Hotel Industry in China _____I have the outline of my paper, plz write it according to it. And pay attention to the comments by my teacher. thx

you may choose to write a research paper on one of the topics we have discussed in this class, or on a topic approved by the professor. You may use one or more of the sources provided to you, but you are responsible for using at least 15 sources in your paper.

Your research paper must focus on a specific topic, highlight the relevant literature that exists on that topic, and examine the ways in which the hospitality and tourism industry could prepare for and respond to these situations. Your goal is to identify an issue or area of exploration that needs further explaining or study. You may choose to identify a problem that has arisen in the world (e.g. pandemics, csr/green initiatives, social media marketing issues, generational issues) and identify a way to probe the issue.

Each research paper is expected to include sections related to the following topics:

a). Abstract/ key words

b). Introduction to the topic/ thesis statement

c). Literature review/ supporting paragraphs

d). Theoretical underpinning;

e). Methods;

f). Anticipated results;

g). Conclusion

h). References

The research paper must be of minum 5,000 words excluding figures, tables, annexes and references. Case studies must adhere and follow the submission guidelines of case study writing.

APA format 2 times line spcase 12 Times New Roman