Write on wellness course PBHE 209 assignment paper

This is a paper that requires the student to write on wellness course PBHE 209 assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

Write on wellness course PBHE 209 assignment

Instruction for WELLNESS COURSE PBHE 209

With each of the learning objectives, you will need to discuss how you are meeting that learning objective with your prior knowledge.  This knowledge can come from work experiences, volunteering, even research.  It is vital that you give examples of how you have met the objective.  Normally, for each objective, you should have at least 2-3 paragraphs, if not 2-3 pages.  Remember, the more information that you provide the more likely you will convince the assessor that you are an expert in this field.  I find that it is great to use citations to help support your prior learning. You will proceed in this manner until you discuss all the learning objectives.  Please make sure you label the objectives and they correspond to the rubric at the beginning of the portfolio.  Also, remember to provide a conclusion paragraph of at least 5-8 sentences summarizing your prior learning.  I hope this helps.

Remember your narrative should contain a strong introduction, a section for each learning objective, a body, and a conclusion. It should be double spaced, times new roman 11pt font, and in APA format (see PLA Student Handbook and Announcements on Portfolio guidelines).

Narrative Template
Your narrative should be in Times New Romans, 12-point font, and double spaced.  Before you start your narrative, you should probably provide a one to two paragraph introduction of the course information as well as a summary of your prior knowledge.  After which, you will then utilize the learning objectives that are highlighted in your syllabus COURSE PBHE 209.  Please make sure that you write the learning objective in the below manner.