write an 2-3 page article in english, BUT I NEED SOMEONE WHO SPEAK SPANISH

I need support with this Spanish question so I can learn better.

i need someone who speak spanish so he can see a video in spanish so he can write the article in english, i need a bilengual really

Rogelio Adonican – EFE news agency

Write a two to three page news article using a straight lead, headline, with quotes, regarding the press conference with Rogelio Adonican, journalist from the EFE news agency.

Its your job to find the interesting or more news worthy aspect of his speach.

You may use external sources (newspapers, interviews, quotes from other specialists) to complement your article.

But remember, only as complementary. The main source are the quotes or lessons from the press conference.

You may compare an opinion from the journalist to a situation that is happening nowadays, worldwide or in Panama with the current state of journalism.

I will be grading your leads, creativity in your headlines, your quotes and style.

Please remember to write in third person. This is not a essay. Avoid writing in first person, using I.

the link of the interview, its in spanish but the write its to be done in english