write a word document

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

write a word document with your Presentation – 5 pages Minimum. Include all the necessary information about the product or company including the history, mission and vision, primary competitors etc.

· All type must be double spaced.

· Your paper must include an abstract page.

· Paragraph indentations are required.

· Citations in the written text of the work and references at the

end of the paper.

· References must contain a hanging indentation which is the first

line is set flush left and the second and subsequent lines are indented 5


· Type font must be either Arial or Times New Roman 12 Pt.

· All pages must be numbered to top flush right.

· Develop the Sales Presentation by approaching a strategy that Incorporates Salesmanship Principles learned in class, to further your vision… Be creative…