Write a reflection according to the requirements

I’m working on a Marketing exercise and need support.

See reading and homework assignments in Syllabus:

Read Chapter 4 in Winston, and work through all the exercises, between pages 85 through 104.


Read: Pricing research and pricing optimization. dobney.com. http://www.dobney.com/Research/pricing_research.htm

There are a series of very short videos, from the Professional Pricing Society that provide some good frameworks and introductions for thinking about pricing in the enterprise:

Watch: How Should Executives Organize & Manage The Pricing Function?

Watch: What Are The Big Disrupters In The Pricing Industry?

Watch: Digital Innovation Can Improve Pricing Strategy & Processes

Watch: Tips For A Pricing Team Partnering With The Sales Team index=2

Optional Watch: Conjoint Analysis in 10 minutes.

Assignment Due:

Reflection/Forum Post: Having read the article, watch the videos and thought about this topic: What contributions can analytics and data science make to the science and art of pricing? What sorts of data and insights would the well-informed marketer want to know as they think through pricing strategy?

Note on assignment: This reflection should be between 500 and 1000 words – double-spaced, and submitted as a Microsoft Word Document. Helvetica 12pt.