Write a project brief for the first Apple watch launching on the market . Follow the template upload

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Write a project brief for the first Apple watch launching on the market. Follow the template.



Job #:





Description of Task

A complete description of what needs to be accomplished.


Provide extensive background information on the company and the product or service being promoted.


What are the audience’s wants, needs and desires. That understanding needs to be of a depth that it allows the team to picture clearly and accurately an individual within the target group.

The team should be able to close her eyes, see the person, picture his home and yard, know how he likes to spend his free time and understand what most excites and scares him in life.

Competitive Landscape

Describe the competitive landscape for both the parent brand and the specific product. What challenges does the product face in the marketplace.

Principal Objective of the Communication

What is the principal purpose of this creative element?

Principal Takeaway of the Communication

What do we need the reader/viewer to remember?


What are the specific details of the offer, if any?

Mandatory Considerations

What are the non-negotiable element, art assets, etc., that must be employed.

Version Details

How many different creative versions of the execution are necessary and detailed instructions for each version.

Partner Details

Who will be working on this project (internal employees and external vendors) along with their contact details.

Due Date

When does the project need to be completed?