Write a post for the discussion question and response two other posts (100 words for each post)

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Below is the requirements for the post:

Discussion Board: Bridging Exercise

Goal: Completing this exercise will help you to decide which examples you want to use when responding to an interview question, developing an elevator pitch or composing a thank you note. This of this exercise as taking an inventory of the skills your resume represents.

Primary Post: Write 2 examples for each of the following 6 categories on how you used that skill to accomplish a task that appears on your resume. These examples can be from previous internships, high school, academic work, etc. Don’t be surprised if an experience on your resume could be used as an example in multiple categories. Interviewers are receptive to the idea that an experience listed on a student’s resume could represent each of the following skills. For the purpose of this exercise, you will need to list different examples for each of the categories.

  1. Analytical & Critical Thinking
  2. Attention to Detail
  3. Communication Skills – Verbal, Written & Active Listening
  4. Project Management
  5. Relationship Management
  6. Computer Skills (i.e. Excel)

Review slides #8 to #13 from this week’s presentation to see examples from other students and a guide as to how to respond.

For Example:

Analytical & Critical Thinking

  • Example 1
  • Example 2

Secondary Post: Read and respond to 2 classmates’ postings (100 words per response). Identify one example they provided and comment on what you learned from it. When responding to each post, you need to write more than “Great, thanks for the response.”

*Below is the documents you might need for completing this discussion post, including my resume, my strengths report, presentation powerpoint, etc. You must complete the post by tonight. Then I will send you other students’ post, and you need to make replies to two posts (100 words for each response).