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Need a 1 page paper written today!!! Here’s the direction and please only serious inquiry.


Directions: Using the word blank below, create a scenario (make up a short shory) where an individual goes to the doctor and finds out he or she has type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Make sure you use all of the words in the work blank. Type your story in the yellow space provided.

Word Bank:  oral glucose tolerance test,  fasting blood glucose,  prediabetes,  obesity,  insulin resistance, beta cells, autoantibodies,  HbA1c test,  metabolic syndrome,  C-peptide test,  blood glucose monitor,  postprandial blood glucose, 

glycemic control,  type 1 diabetes,  type 2 diabetes


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write a paper

I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.

This is the first significant writing assignment of the semester and will require a solid self-reflection and connecting with OB concepts. You will find a foundational article from Peter Drucker below that will guide part of your reflection and will help you make these connections between your personal experience with organizations and some of the individual behavior concepts we’ve been discussing in class.

This is a two-step process with a first draft reviewed anonymously by one of your peer randomly assigned by canvas. Please do not provide your name on this first draft if you want to keep it anonymous.

You will use the feedback received and submit a final draft the following week.

Reviewers, if you need help please read the following canvas tutorial: How do I submit a peer review to an assignment? (Links to an external site.)

While your work as a reviewer will not be graded, not properly doing the review you’ve been assigned would cost you a few points off your main assignment.

Please read carefully the assignment guide, rubric and peer review guidelines also attached here for your convenience.

Thank you