Write a market research report on Dreyer’s ice cream

I’m stuck on a Marketing question and need an explanation.

This paper should be in the five to seven-page length with a full bibliography.

Topic: Dreyer’s ice cream

You can write about the market sales of ice cream, how to improve the taste, appearance, sales model, etc.

Here is a sample about the research paper:

I am sorry, but here are some updated instructions:

” You are to dig deep… find out what other folks are saying about your product or service… or a like-service [e.g., Hair Solons… in general). This paper should be in the five to seven-page range if you single space… and 10 to 14 pages if you prefer double space. You should have a full bibliography that should have a minimum of 10+ dated references. This paper should NOT have any personal opinions… facts and figures from all of your great and robust resources. The sample paper is just that… a sample. But your paper should similar to it…. headings and general thrust. “