Write a Java program

Can you help me understand this Java question?

Using NetBeans, write a class called IO, in a package called util, containing the methods: getInput(String) , getConsoleInput(String), showMessage(String) and showMessage(String, String). The method getInput will be as above; getConsoleInput will do the same but will ask for input from the console and will return a Scanner object. The first showMessage method will be as above; the second will do the same but will also accept a title for the output dialog. Only write the methods specified, cannot use nextLine method in Scanner object.
Note: details on how to create a package are presented in the video.

Then write a program using the IO class but in a separate file and in the default package. Your program will first ask the user to enter 2 integers. If both are positive, print the sum. Then it asks for 2 real numbers (float or double); if only one is negative, print the product of the two numbers, if both are negative, print the quotient. Use a nested if. Output must be formatted using String.format – real numbers need the width and number of digits specified. All input and output must be done through the IO methods. All output is to the console and a dialog. Good program structure, indentation, a heading and comments are required. Please follow the instructions as given. Write only the methods specified.