Write a cover letter and a follow up letter

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Application Letters

The application letter provides a place for explaining the high points of your qualifications to a prospective employer and offering additional details about those qualifications that could not be described in the resume.

The resume and application letter complement each other. The resume lists the qualities and skills you possess that match those of the desired position. The application letter offers more description and a subtle argument for why you are the best candidate for a position.

Write a full page, single spaced application letter that complements your resume and is targeted at the employment situation indicated in your job ad worksheet.

Use block letter format (Links to an external site.) as described and demonstrated in class.


The Follow-Up or Thank-You Letter is an opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and give the interviewer a concrete reminder of you as a candidate. When you attend an interview, you should take notes and prepare to comment on the most interesting and/or informative part of the experience.

For the purpose of this assignment, assume that you have had an interview at the company that you targeted in your resume and application letter. The interview included a question and answer session with the group leader and two other people. This was followed by a tour of the work area and an introduction to the team.