write a complete marketing plan for a client

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The plan will require you to critically analyze the current environment, client strengths and weaknesses and generate recommendations in light of your budget ($250,000) and other constraints. Your paper should be between 15 and 20 pages in length. Group members will also present their marketing plan to the client, at a day/time to be determined (after your final examination).

The following assessment criteria will be used for written marketing plans:

Written Content/Development – 50%

Content is comprehensive/accurate/persuasive and demonstrates critical thinking.

Displays an understanding of client and environmental issues.

Major points supported by specific details/examples and critical analysis.

Research is adequate/timely

Writer has gone beyond textbook for resources

Higher-Order Thinking – 20%

Suggestions are show a comprehension of market factors as well as client strengths and capabilities.

Is able to integrate theory and best practices into thoughtful suggestions for client. As such, team has critically analyzed the various aspects of the market and applied these to the problem at hand.

Organization — 15%

Use of template as outlined in text.

The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic, major points

Structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow

Subsequent sections develop/support central theme

Conclusion/recommendations follow logically from the body of the paper

Style/Mechanics – 15%


Citations/reference page follow guidelines

Properly cites ideas/info from other sources

Paper is laid out effectively–uses, heading and other reader-friendly tools

Paper is neat/shows attention to detail


Rules of grammar, usage, punctuation are followed

Spelling is correct


Sentences are complete, clear, and concise

Sentences are well-constructed with varied structure

Transitions between sentences paragraphs and sections help maintain the flow of thought

Words used are precise and unambiguous

The tone is appropriate to audience, content, and assignment