Write a 5 Page paper on “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe

I’m studying and need help with a Writing question to help me learn.

Has academic title, engages audience interest, explains issues to be addressed, provides context for the audience, and ends with a strong thesis statement/claim.

Strong insights and analysis; presents well-supported claim; integrates many themes well; ideas are complex; effectively integrates course material and primary/ secondary sources; supports arguments with specific details; anticipates and responds to alternative views.

Research is excellent or very good. Relevant, good array of sources are used providing alternative views. (Emphasize quality over quantity.)

Clear, well-organized prose; effective transitions; paragraphs have topic sentences related to thesis/claim; topic sentences supported by evidence making cohesive paragraphs; effectively uses summary, paraphrase, short quotations.

Appropriate voice, tone and style for the rhetorical context. High level of language; essay follows Chicago Style conventions (MLA for short paper is OK). Includes bibliography.

Proper use of grammar and spelling.

I left the full rubric in the attachment below