write a 4 pages double spaced paper in APA. Articles and rubrics attached

I’m stuck on a Nursing question and need an explanation.


Each article is worth 50 points for a total of 100 points

Make sure that each area is covered in your paper.

Attach each article to your paper.


POINTS (each article)

Write a brief summary of the article.

Two to three paragraphs, in your own words that summarizes the article.


Indicate the strengths and weakness of the article.

In this section describe what the articles strong points are; for example: Is it easy to read? Are there tables, charts or diagrams that add to the understanding?


Indicate the audience that the author seemed to target.

In this section indicate whether the author was targeting management, staff nurse, administrator or a particular specialty.


Explain how this article would be useful to the nursing profession

In this section indicate what the value of this information would be to Nursing.


What is your overall opinion of this article?

In this section, without using the pronouns, I or we- give your opinion of the article



Proper heading, title page, references and citation count for a grade. Grammar, spelling and sentence structure count.