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7 questions in total each week you do one


In one page or less, write a notice for a local community that explains the dangers of “Valley Fever”. Include how it is spread, symptoms as well as what a person should do if they suspect they have contracted this disease. In the notice explain how it can be confused with other diseases (list which).


Understand that some fungi can cause serious infections

Learn the microorganism cause of Valley Fever

Understand how to prevent contracting of Valley Fever

Extra objectives: Learn how antifungals work to limit fungal infections

Fungi are some of the most common microorganisms in the world. Please read the following article:

“Potentially deadly valley fever is hitting California farmworkers hard, worrying researchers” by Twilight Greenaway in cooperation with the organization Civil Eats that was published June 17, 2019 on nbcnews.com. The link is:


You can also go to this a site from the CDC on Valley Fever at


In addition, you should look up online how the following two medications work against fungi:


Amphotericin B

You should know them and also explain their mechanisms of action (e.g. how they work to block fungal growth. Be sure to relate it to the learning objectives we have had up to this point)