World History Civilization to 1650

Description Historical Analysis Paper Objectives: To better understand historical attitudes, events, and cultures. To demonstrate historical research and analysis through written communication. Instructions: As early civilizations grew, so did the importance of law. Laws help standardize a society’s governance and, in theory, promotes peace and stability. One of the most notable codified series of laws in early world history is the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. For the completion of this assignment, you will analyze, compare, and contrast the Code of Hammurabi to one of the following documented code of laws or regulations from other early civilizations: • The Twelve Tables • The Code of Justinian Then, with consideration of your detailed analysis and comparison of these codes, consider how these codes are comparable to modern laws within the United States. Please use the following analysis guidelines for important questions to guide your research and analysis. Analysis Guidelines: (Paper content: 40 points combined) I. In the first paragraph, introduce the topic of discussion. Your thesis statement should be argumentative in nature. In your own words, provide brief background for the Code of Hammurabi and the comparison code of your choice. (Consider the following: Time periods, cultures/societies, authors, etc.) II. For the body of the paper, address these general questions: How are these codes of laws or regulations comparable? How are they different? What was the purpose of these codes? What was the social, political, and economic impact of these codes? Were all laws within these codes fair for the entire population to which they applied? Where there problems with any of these regulations? Feel free to include any other information you feel enhances your analysis of these regulatory documents. Be sure to utilize specific evidence to support your analysis and reasoning. Cite all sources used, including the course textbook. III. In the conclusion/reflection section, utilize your knowledge of these important documents to make clear and detailed connections to modern events. Consider the following questions: Can aspects of these laws and regulations be found in U.S. modern society? Do any of these laws still serve and important purpose today? If so, which ones and how? Are there regulations in the Code of Hammurabi and your chosen document that would no longer apply well to modern U.S. society? Which ones and why? Be sure to provide specific examples to support your conclusions. Cite all sources used, including the course textbook. Formatting and Spelling/Grammar Guidelines: (10 points) -Papers should be 2-5 pages in length (excluding any cover or works cited pages) – At least 2 scholarly sources (excluding the textbook) must be utilized. Students are encouraged to use the online Campbellsville University databases for assignment related research. The databases can be accessed via the following link: -Double-Spaced, 12 point Times New Roman Font, One Inch Margins -MLA formatting -The use of direct quotations should be limited. Any quotations longer than 4 lines must be blocked. -The tone of the paper should be formal and should follow Standard English grammatical rules – All papers must be submitted through this assignment module. No emailed submissions will be accepted. – ALL sources utilized, including the course textbook, must be cited. A Works Cited page AND In-text citations are mandatory. Assignment submissions that do not include both a Works Cited page and in-text citations will be viewed as a violation of the Campbellsville University Academic Misconduct policy. This policy can be referenced via the following link: