Word Reference Styles

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Goal: Learn the importance of reference style in particular field.


  • Research reference styles used in the academic field
  • Demonstrate understanding citing sources based on particular category of selected reference style

In Word Module 2, you’ve learned about references and sources in creating a research paper. Select one of the following styles, and read more about it at the HCC library Research Help (Links to an external site.) site: APA and Chicago. Explain what is the significance of that reference style such as in what field is that reference style used. After reading about the basic rules of the chosen style, select two examples (articles, books, etc.) for the selected reference (APA or Chicago) to share with the class. Explain, by examples, how the reference style is used for two of the following categories:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Background Sources
  • Websites
  • Media – Images & Artwork
  • Media – Video & Music