women suffrage

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Project based on the topics listed below

  • National Woman’s Party
  • 1878 Federal Women Suffrage Amendment first introduced

1 image for each topic

  • specs: 72 dpi minimum if you can find them that good. If images over 300×300 pixels are available that would be good, but if they don’t exist in that size it is ok.
  • provide full citation information for your image
  • Save image as National Woman’s Party, the second word doc should be saved as 1878 Federal Women Suffrage Amendment first introduced

Created as two separate Word documents. Each mock-up should include:

  • text describing the person/topic of your panel – with a particular focus on their relationship to the suffrage movement
  • specs: 75-150 words. 150 words = maximum. Aim for somewhere in the middle, about 100-125 words.
  • your chosen image pasted in
  • Save word doc with the same names as the (so that the two obviously pair together)

Provide a full bibliography on a separate page –NO Wikipedia, Citing use Chicago style