Women in Victorian Culture Hemingway and Arizona Quarterly Review

This essay entails a paper on the Women in Victorian Culture which will compose of the Hemingway and Arizona Quarterly Review. Women in Victorian Culture embraces travelling in differnt parts of the country and have adventure. It also supports the women for such tours and cater for all their requirements

Women in Victorian Culture Hemingway and Arizona Quarterly Review

Essay must be 2500 words (including Works Cited pg) with 6 secondary sources in order to pass. ? Must be written in MLA form (i.e. 12pt font, Times New Roman, Double- Spaced, proper citation of sources and Works Cited pg., etc.) ? 4 of the 6 sources must be articles from literary journals or chapters from books that are at least 8 pgs long. ?

No more than 2 sources can be from the same publication (i.e. only 2 articles from The Arizona Quarterly or The Hemingway Review) ? No more than 2 sources from the same author, scholar, or critic (i.e. only two articles from Melinda Brooks, Ph.D.) ?

Have at least 2 sources dated after 1980 (All 6 may be post-1980) ? No Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes, Encyclopedias, Wikipedia, About.com, etc. type sources. (The Bloom, Twayne, or Cambridge critical companion series are fine, but can only use 1 of them). ? Must quote/cite at least once from each of your 6 sources. No more than 3 times from any one source. ? Must quote from the story at least 6 times – no more than 12. ?

At least 2 of your 6 sources must be about the story (i.e. about “Soldier’s Home” – {2 of your sources can, however, be outside of the author and story: for instance a historical source about the Jazz Age or about Women in Victorian Culture} ? Need at least 2 Block quotes in Essay (no more than 4); and must paraphrase/cite at least 2 times. ? Have an Thematic Introduction and a Thesis Statement somewhere by bottom of pg 1 or top of pg 2 at the latest.