WK6 Discussion

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For this discussion, respond to each of the following prompts:

    · Reflect on your understanding of the importance of evaluation with clients as a social worker as a result of completing the Single Case Design assignment;

    · Briefly discuss what went well – and not so well – as you carried out your Single Case Design;

    · Thinking about your current or a former work context, give one specific example of how you could implement a single case design with a current or former client. Describe it in detail, identify any resistance or limitations you anticipate could arise and discuss the potential benefits of such an undertaking.

Initial Post Prompt:
Your original, substantive post should be 300-350 words, incorporating and citing content from the text.

Response Prompt:
You must also post a 100-200 word response to at least one peer. In this post, respond as if you were dialoguing in response to their initial post. Your response should add a new perspective, share new information or pose a critical thinking question. Your response should not be a simple “I agree with you” or “I found that interesting”.

Prior to submitting your posts, check them for appropriate grammar, spelling, and formatting. Your discussion posts must include at least 2 professional references to receive full credit. Professional references can include the textbook(s), assigned readings and resources, as well as appropriate government, organizational, or professional publications, reports and websites