Why you believe the stock prices of TESLA would collapse

This is an assignment that focuses on why you believe the stock prices of TESLA would collapse. This is focusing on the fear of pandemics that become reality.

Why you believe the stock prices of TESLA would collapse

Required: Do some research on why your team believes the Stock Market has been so REACTIVE to the news. Discuss why you believe the stock prices of so many companies like TESLA for example has essentially collapsed once the fear of the pandemic became a reality. You can use the discussion points we have made during class….and…you can also include your final team project companies as an example as to why the stock market is reacting in such a fearful way…..The impact of revenue growth is clearly the impetus …but…..why is the reaction so extreme and broad…. Use the case analysis template provide throughout the class: 1. Overview of Case/Issue: Introduction of the topic…include a historical perspective pertaining to perhaps similarities to the 1929 crash and other BUBBLES.

2. Analysis of Research Issues: What are the panic drivers 3. Impact on the Current situation: Site specific companies/industries along with the entire stock market as to what the impact has been. 4. Your conclusions/recommendations: What could be recommendations to prevent another pandemic bubble….What accounting guidelines should be either implemented or tweaked to better ensure this crisis will not be a probable in the future. 5. Further Research Needed: What on going and future research does the analysts, the accountants, SEC and the PCAOB need to continue analyzing as we move forward. 6. References/Resources: What resources did your team consult when preparing your case

Writing guidelines

Ensure that your paper is at least four pages long excluding the cover and the reference page. Additionally, ensure that you indicate the references from the sources you are to use. Lastly, ensure that your paper follows the APA writing guidelines and also in referencing.