Why technology help the learning process for high school students?

Argumentative Essay:  Why technology help the learning process for high school students? First of all, classrooms should be where students feel comfortable and feel free to express themselves.

Why technology help the learning process for high school students?

Argumentative Essay:  Why technology help the learning process for high school students?

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First of all, classrooms should be where students feel comfortable and feel free to express themselves. Notwithstanding, most students feel embarrassed to ask or answer questions because they afraid of being wrong. “ But in today’s society, making the wrong decision or giving the wrong answer is associated with embarrassment, ridicule, and reduced self-worth.” according to Openncolleges.edu.au, as so lack participate will make students fall behind the process. It’s difficult for teachers to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Since students nowadays feel more comfortable using technology, teachers can create their online participation; and their questions will appear in every students’ device screens. The good thing student can pick their nicknames or any number, so no one knows who is who.  Students are more likely to engage in the lecture, as the lecture is less dry and pressure to both students and teachers. From there, teachers can identify how well each student understands the lecture, so teachers can provide the best suggestion to each student.

Second, by looking at the increasing number of college students who are interested in using technology for school work; we can tell how important technology to college students.

As the 2016 Digital Study Trends Survey report showed, “ four out of five (81 percent) college students find digital learning technology to be helpful in improving their grades, and more than two-thirds (69 percent) feel that digital learning technology helps them to focus.” https://www.mheducation.com/news-media/press-releases/2016-digital-study-trends-survey.html.

Therefore, using technology in high school will benefit students to repair for their college or university study force. Students who are influencing using laptops will less likely to dismay when adapting to the college environment. Those Students would be thankful for the use of technology in high school; because it would be easier for them when they transfer to college or university. Not only benefits those students in future study force, but it also benefits them in the future workforce too. Nowadays, technology causes a massive positive impact on education and society. Influencing in taking notes, timing, scheduling, and researching on technology like laptops or tablets will be useful skills for high school students in the future.

Beside the future benefits, technology simultaneously benefits students in saving their energy and reducing their stress from carrying heavy books.

Each high school student has at least 5 different classes in one day, and students have around 5 to 6 mins to move from one class to another. The time is really tide and so they have to carry books for 2  or 3 periods with them; then after lunch they will go to their locker to get another books.

Each class requires at least 1 textbook, 1 folder, and one notebook. Meaning students have to carry up to 40 lbs for books; because of the heaviness, some students have to use luggage instead of a backpack. In the view of high school students, paper books are a burdening weight and it can lead students to experience poor posture, or shoulder and back pain. Technology will be a perfect substitute for paper textbooks, notebooks, and folders; within a few clicks, they can easily access their textbooks and notebooks.  All they have to bring is just tablets or laptops; is it sounds good for you? High school students will feel less stress to remember which to bring and which not. Further, they will have freehand to carry their favorite basketball or their musical instrument with them.

Next, traditional books are not only heavy but also expensive. Students who borrow books from the school library have to follow the rule; and the most important rule is no writing on the textbook. Therefore, when using e-textbooks, students have the freedom to highlight, searching for new vocab or new information, summarizing, and taking notes. The new learning process becomes more effective and creative which helps students to improve their grades. In addition, technology or e-textbook is a live saver for international students; because they can write the new vocab definition by their language.

Last but not least, students can maximize their reading time by using technology like tablets.

To give an illustration, imagine one student feels tired that day and he thinks he can’t run on Pe class, instead of sitting there for one hour; he can use his time wisely by reading a book or review today’s lecture via his tablet. We all know how important reading to students’ success. Or instead of waiting at a cafeteria for parents to pick up, students can read books instead of chatting or texting. In another word, technology help student in using their free time wisely and effectively. To those creative readers; the ability to draw while reading boost students’ memory. Why technology  help the learning process for high school student?

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Helpful cite:

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–       An instructor responded”Students were so happy to be able to download their textbook to their iPad. It was cheaper for them and that really made them less angry at me for making them buy so many books.”

In the game changer : Using Ipad, page 7

–       “students used the iBook to find quotes to support their ideas. I never saw that with a regular text.”