Why do people do drugs and how do they relate to crime?

why do people do drugs and how do they relate to crime? 

Research Required: At least five references. Scholarly articles. One reference may be the text book. No Wikipedia or unofficial websites. Proper APA citation required. Paper Components: APA Format: Title page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page. Late papers will lose 20% of the possible points with an additional 5% per day after due date. Scoring 1500 Words (10%) 2% deduction for every 100 words missing. APA Citation (20%) Proper in text citation Title Page (5%) Running head and proper title page Abstract (10%) Four to five sentences that informs the reader of the papers content and conclusion. Reference Page (10%) Five references, text book and scholarly articles. 2% deduction for each inappropriate or missing reference. +2% extra credit for each additional reference above five. Content (25%) Full credit given to well researched, organized, and thought out papers. Conclusion (20%) Strong conclusions get full credit. As the strength goes down so will the score. -The body of the paper should only include researched material. No thoughts, opinions, or experience from the writer. All material must be cited. No more than one properly cited direct quote will be allowed. All papers will be checked for plagiarism. An automatic zero will be given to students who plagiarize material as well as be subject to school disciplinary action.