What made the author Wes Moore traditionally more successful

This is a paper that is focusing on What made the author Wes Moore traditionally more successful. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

What made the author Wes Moore traditionally more successful

Write a 3-4 page analytical essay in response to the prompt below.

What made the author Wes Moore traditionally more successful than the other Wes Moore?

In your response, consider the many influences on each Wes Moore’s life, such as family, friends, education, the neighborhood, or environment. Consider, too, each man’s personality and actions. A more thoughtful response might draw on other readings from the class, such as ideas about habits or addictions, about mindset or how one becomes an expert. You should support your answer with detailed references from throughout the book The Other Wes Moore.


Remember that this is a reading assignment as well as a writing assignment. That means you need to spend as much time reading the book carefully as you do writing the essay. A good essay will come from active reading.
Your thesis should be a direct response to the prompt. The prompt asks for an argument, which means your thesis should be a claim that needs support.

Write for an audience who is not in our class. That means you’ll need to summarize or paraphrase important examples from the reading and choose short quotes from the book to help your reader understand the ideas or experiences.
When arguing a point, first state the point and explain it in your own words. Then add examples and quotes from the reading to prove your point.
Take the time to proofread after you’ve written your essay. Think about the kinds of mistakes you tend to make and watch out for those.

Show you are really thinking about the topic—these are complex questions, so don’t settle for easy answers, and don’t feel that you have to take an either/or position.
To add depth and complexity to your paper, include a paragraph of counter argument. That is, summarize how someone might argue against your thesis, then rebut that argument with evidence and explanations.
Summarize and quote skillfully. This means:
–When you put something in your own words, the author’s meaning remains true but your sentences and words should be significantly different, not just a few words changed.

–Summaries should be accurate and specific

— Use quotation marks when including an author’s exact words

— Give the page number in parenthesis after a quote

–Introduce quotes with tag phrases

–Use your comment after a quotes to explain how the quotes connect to your point


Your essay should include:

A clear, specific, argumentative thesis
Paragraphs with an assertion linked to the thesis
Examples, details, explanations, summaries, and quotes that support the argument
Thoughtful and in-depth discussion of the issues—on both sides of the question
Well-written sentences
Words that effectively express ideas.
Few or minor writing or grammar errors.
Correct MLA format.