What is the historical foundation of the term deaf gain?

This is a paper that requires the student to write on what is the historical foundation of the term deaf gain?. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.

 What is the historical foundation of the term deaf gain?

Deaf Gain Critical Reading and Thinking Essay

Your task is to explore and also apply the concept of Deaf Gain through the skills of critical reading, researching, thinking, and writing.

First, take the time to carefully and closely “read” the 2 “texts” that are required sources for your essay:

1)     “Deaf Gain an Introduction” See PDF on Bb.

2)     “On Becoming Hearing: Lessons in Limitations, Loss, and also Respect”
Dirksen Bauman, TEDxGallaudet video presentation

You should address the following questions incorporating your critical reading skills of the sources:

What is the historical foundation of this term and why is it only recently being recognized?
What is the current understanding of the term and what is its relationship with other concepts such as audism and the pathological versus cultural views of being deaf.
Also, what new insights does this concept give us in understanding the Deaf community and deaf people’s influence of society at large.

 What is the historical foundation of the term deaf gain?

Now attempt to apply Deaf Gain by researching and synthesizing at least two additional sources and providing examples of your application (you should cite at least 4 sources in total).  Apply the notion of Deaf Gain to two out of the following five areas and discuss specific examples from each of these two areas.

A.      American Sign Language
B.      A deaf person in history
C.      DeafSpace architecture
D.     Technology invented by a deaf person or technology originally created to only benefit deaf people
E.      Deaf art.

Simply answering the above questions and providing examples may not be sufficient to earn a top grade on this essay.  Theses instructions are brief to allow you the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and synthesis.  Review the attached grading rubric carefully to provide you additional guidance this assignment.

All sources used should be documented (in-text citations and Works Cited/References page must be included using MLA or APA format).  You do not need a cover page.  I strongly encourage you to use section headers and transition sentences in your work to structure your essay and also guide readers.  A cohesive essay is expected; you should not just respond to each bullet point in turn above.

If you have questions about the expectations, please clarify before submitting.

The final report should be at least 2 ½ pages (not including reference page).  Use 12 point font, double-spaced lines, 1 inch margins.  Review your own paper for errors and cohesive writing before submitting.