What is Play Therapy , Topic -PLAY THERAPY

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Chapter One: Overview.

This section should be no more than one page. The section has five elements: A topic sentence, definition of terms with an in-text reference, statistics that show the significance of the topic as well as statistics on its impact on any particular population and a problem statement. Everyone will end the paper with, “This paper will discuss the history and treatment / application of [your topic inserted here]

Chapter Two: Review of Literature. This section will discuss the history / evolution of the assigned topic. This section should be no more than one page but no more than three pages.

Chapter Three: Treatment.
What is the treatment or how is the treatment applied or performed? This should be no more than two pages.

Chapter Four: Summary and Discussion. This section should have three paragraphs. The first paragraph is a restatement of what had been discussed. The second paragraph is a statement of what you think is the more important takeaway from your research. The third paragraph is your recommendation to others concerning your topic. This section should be no more than one page.


Three references, APA format, with a hanging indent. General APA Guidelines