What Is Electronic Engineering?

This paper is on what Is Electronic Engineering? In the paper you are expected to include a definition of Electronic Engineering and some applications of electronics or electronic components.

What Is Electronic Engineering?

The assignment is for each student to write a research paper titled “What is Electronic Engineering.”

Include a definition of Electronic Engineering and some applications of electronics.

Please include a Bibliography (list of the resources) used for your paper at the end.

We were request ed 5-20 pages, with a Bibliography to go with it.

Not much instruction was provide otherwise except having to submit a topic to the professor prior to submission.

The class is Intro to Electronics, so we have covered topics such as charges, voltage, ohms law, current, series and parallel resistors, AC, and DC, reactance, semiconductors, transistors, integrated circuits, amplifiers, and oscillators as a few examples.

We have been referring to the textbook titled “Introduction to Basic Electricity and Electronics Technology.  I have the text in pdf format so if any literature would be helpful.

More details;

What is Electronic Engineering

It is associated with electronic circuits, devices and the equipment and systems that use them.

very many people have careers in and find their jobs absorbing, interesting and they provide an interesting challenge that ensure is all about creativity. The whole area of engineering is about designing, making, running, and servicing things that people need.

It can be a particularly rewarding career:

Firstly, electronics engineering covers a broad spectrum of areas, all under the same banner. Also, this allows anyone considering a career to chose the one they want. It is also possible to move from one area to another, and this guarantees most people a rewarding career for life.