What Is Art

  • Write your definition of traditional art.  What characteristics or elements would be included?  How does your definition of traditional art compare to your understanding of media/digital art or visual communication? Are they the same or do they have their distinct characteristics?  How does the reproduction of traditional art change its meaning or interpretation by the audience?  What is lost or gained by this reproduction?
  • Based on your definition of traditional art, where does the field of photojournalism stand? Is photojournalism art? Why or why not?  Post a photojournalism image and explain whether or not you believe it is art.  Be specific and illustrate your reasoning by citing unit resources that apply


What is Art?

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What is art? How does one define what art is? How does one identify it? What makes a painting by Da Vinci or a musical composition by Beethoven art but not a comic book or a pop song? Can comic books and pop songs attain the level of art? What about certain movies? How does one determine what art is and what it isn’t? What is the criteria and how is this determined (and who, for that matter, determines it)? Take a stand and make an argument. Don’t forget to support this with reasons and/or evidence.