What can we learn if we read The Symposium with a psychoanalytical theoretical framework?

Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to write an essay with a thesis that is supported with evidence. Texts Slavoj Žižek “Courtly Love, or, Woman as Thing” Carl Gustav Jung “The Principal Archetypes” Plato’s The Symposium. Topic Psychoanalysis posits that the thing we want is not really the thing we want. The theory seeks to uncover our hidden desires and expose their roots so as to understand our behavior towards others and ourselves. Psychoanalysis is probably the closest of the theories we’ve explored in this class to Plato’s The Symposium because both are mostly about desire. Writing Assignment Using either Žižek’s or Jung’s text, answer the following: What can we learn if we read The Symposium with a psychoanalytical theoretical framework? Directions Please type three to four pages of double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font Use one-inch margins Include an original title Include a thesis with one claim and one rationale Quote from Žižek or Jung and Plato For this essay, write from third person perspective Avoid second-person perspective Tips Responding critically in this context means you look closely at logic, rhetoric, theory, metaphor, analogies, symbols, language, gender, ‘structures,’ opinions, beliefs, feelings, the mind, the setting (the context), the culture, and any other linguistically charged letter, word, or phrase to answer the question above. Suggested Outline Begin by introducing the author (Plato), the title of the text, and a summary of how he utilizes language, structures, logic, or patterns. Then, clearly state your thesis at the end of your introduction. In the body of your essay, introduce the author (either Žižek or Jung), the title of his text, and then provide your reasons to support your thesis (make your thesis believable). You should clearly state and develop one reason per paragraph. Remember to provide specific evidence (quotes) from the text(s). Let the quotes support your answer to the question, not the other way around. Conclude your essay by echoing your thesis and leave your reader to believe how or why it is important or not to read The Symposium through a psychoanalytical theoretical framework. If you get stuck when writing, give yourself a break. Walk away from your work for a bit, have a stretch, close your laptop, discuss out-loud what you want to write, talk to someone about your ideas and have that person ask you questions that will challenge your opinions and assumptions until you feel confident that you ‘discovered’ the words you want to use.