West European Politics for M Donald Hancock analysis

This is a paper that focuses on the West European Politics for M Donald Hancock analysis. The paper also provides instructions on how to deal with some challenges.

West European Politics for M Donald Hancock analysis

Background on the Question
Firstly, in the fall of 1989, I was a teaching assistant in West European Politics for M. Donald Hancock, an expert on Sweden and Germany.  He was very excited that his recently published book on West Germany had been adopted by the U.S. Foreign Service for educating American diplomats and also their staff. That semester, the Berlin Wall came down and everything that he had written was instantly obsolete. Hancock told the class to just read The Economist for the latest news, because nothing that had been written about how European politics worked the same way. What could they learn from that experience? They could see how leaders responded to the challenges. Some did well, others struggled.

Secondly, the current administration is very much like that. Despite my unease with the textbook, which focused wisely on history, much of what was written has stood up fairly well, even prescient in noting certain problems, particularly with the transition. Some chapters anticipated Court reversals and the high degree of turnover in White House staff, but not convictions for some key campaign figures or a member of the Security Council. With the Mueller investigation and also now impeachment as a historical fact, the future of the administration is hard to predict.

West European Politics for M. Donald Hancock analysis

Thirdly, supporters often see the disruptive behavior as positive, in light of their perspective on changes they want, while detractors have focused on things they don’t like, such as the dramas that have played out daily. Focusing on those things, for a class like this, would not likely be very productive as opinions are rarely sway and also outcomes are yet to be measure. What matters is what lessons you have learned from additional readings. With that in mind, final exam question is this:
How would you run the White House?

To answer this question, address how you would deal with these challenges:
Managing the transition
Setting priorities
Media relations
Congressional relations
Implementing your agenda

Finally, feel free to choose examples from other materials. Describe the challenges with each of these items and what you would do to manage or overcome those challenges. In general, your answer should have a paragraph defining the challenges associated with each item and a paragraph or two explaining how you would deal with each one.