Weekly Journal 14

I need help with a English question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.


To begin this assignment, compose your Journal 14 answering the following prompt:

  1. In response #2 you are going to do a little surgery on a few of the sentences by employing the “Paramedic Method” ***I included the response 2 below so you can work on it***
  2. Choose three sentences from your response and paste them into this Journal entry.
  3. Rewrite them after following the “Paramedic Method” steps below:
  • Circle the prepositions. Eliminate any unnecessary prepositions.
  • Identify any references to the researchers (the doer).
  • Replace references to the researchers with a passive construction that emphasizes the experiment (what was done).
  • Eliminate any unnecessary slow wind-ups.
  • Eliminate any redundancies.

***Write your original and revised sentences (150-250 words).

*Here is a video instruction regarding The Paramedic Method (https://youtu.be/3rhJmKGBsIw).