Week 7 Questions

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Please answer all questions below based on reading and multimedia sources. Be thorough and use complete sentences. If you use outside information different from what was provided this week, please provide a reference or content link.

Submission Format:

Download the word document for the questions or respond in the text box below. If responding in the text box, please make it clear which question you are answering by numbering your answers with the corresponding question number or by copying the questions and writing your answer next to it. If you are using google docs, make sure it is unlocked so I can access it for grading.


Week 7 Questions Word Document Link

1. What is the time weighted average (TWA) for sound according to OSHA?

2. What is audiometric testing and what TWA threshold requires testing?

3. How often should an employee have an audiometric test?

4. What is meant by a baseline in audiometric testing?

5. If an employee has a standard threshold shift (STS), what are the next steps?

6. What is the difference between a sound level meter and a sound dosimeter?

7. Which weighted decibel system is used for measuring sound that is most like the human ear?

8. Give two examples of each:

1. Administrative controls

2. engineering Controls

9. If an employee is exposed to sound at the level given, please provide the exchange rate for time which would protect the employee to less than 90 decibels, according to OSHA.

  1. Sound Level at 1 meter from source (dBA) Time allowed with source (hours)
    95 dBA
    103 dBA
    115 dBA