Week 5 interactive assignment

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In a global world, the rapid advancement of technology plays a critical role in organizational strategies. Using a minimum of one credible and/or scholarly article (see Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources), examine the advantages and disadvantages of technological change based on costs to the organization. You will create a presentation (PowerPoint with 10-12 slides) to share with the organizational shareholders. Choose a current or future technology to present to the shareholders. Below is a list of information that must be included in your presentation.

    • Describe the proposed technology.
    • List advantages and disadvantages of the technology.
    • Analyze how the technological change will affect shareholder value and return on investment (ROI). You may use made-up numbers.
    • Based on your research of the selected technology, decide whether you support or oppose the organization incorporating the technology, providing a rationale for your decision.
    • Using outside sources, support your opposition or support of the technology, change.

    For your discussion, draft a 100-200 word email inviting shareholders to your presentation and attach your PowerPoint