Week 5 Discussion 1

Before beginning this discussion forum, review your WSM from Week One and reconsider the career path you chose in light of what you’ve learned in this course. Explain how the information and experience with the various aspects of project management gained in this course have changed your perception of the career path you had originally chosen in Week One. Then, explain how you will change your direction and/or your career plan to accommodate or reflect this new knowledge. Throughout this discussion, be sure to specify terms, tools, and techniques that you have learned in this course in order to accurately talk about this field. Your initial response should be at least 400 words. You are encouraged to post your required replies early during the week to promote more meaningful and interactive discourse in this discussion.

I will attach my WSM excel and assignment.


Week #5 discussion 1

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In today’s work environment, organizations have become increasingly multicultural and HR has been faced with cultural issues. Chapter 15 of the course text provides information regarding some of those cultural issues. Prior to beginning your discussion read Chapter 15 of the course text and the Communicating Across Cultures (Links to an external site.) article.

Based on Figure 15.1 in Chapter 15, choose a culture and create a similar table for your selected culture. Carefully review the Using Tables, Graphs, Images, and Appendices (Links to an external site.) resource to assist you in creating your table. Your table must include all six dimensions. For your discussion, take on the role of an HR manager and analyze how this culture would work within a U.S. organization. What issues do you see? What would be the best method(s) to solve the issues? Based on the Communicating Across Cultures (Links to an external site.) article, evaluate how the cultural differences of your selected culture could create communication challenges or barriers within organizational settings. Explain how you would address those challenges as an OD practitioner, providing a rationale for your statements. Be sure to support your statements with scholarly sources.

Support your statements with a minimum of two scholarly articles. Your initial post must be a minimum of 250 words