week 3 Discussion


  • Does your organization use a total cost of ownership perspective?
  • Why or why not?


  • Have you been part of any buyer-supplier negotiations as part of your job?
  • Describe the situation, your role, and the outcome.

please make sure each question is atleast 2 paragraphs.


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Week 3 discussion

I’m stuck on a Management question and need an explanation.

One of the areas that an HRIS is used is in maintaining a database of KSAs among employees. It helps to do succession planning and slotting for emergencies and for sustainability. In part, keeping up with the inventory of skills and knowledge on hand that is held by the current employees can be a challenge. What types of methods can be used to maintain an inventory and cross tabulate that with the future talent needs and then make a match between them and the job when an opening occurs? Does all the responsibility for knowing the talent on hand like with the HR department? What, if any, is the obligation of the supervisors and the employees for keeping this inventory and knowing the KSAs among the employees?

In a 100 words…