Week 2 Discussion 

Week 2 Discussion 

This week we learn about the brain and the nervous system. As we learn about how chemical reactions affect us, it made me think of a question.  Do we truly control our actions and behaviors?  Or do we act based solely on the chemical reactions that happen in brains and nervous systems?  What do you think?  Which is it?  Free will or chemical reactions?  In your discussion post, which option do you agree with?  Support your response with information from either our textbook or from the video below.  Remember to earn full credit, you need to have a total of 3 responses; 1 original and 2 replies.     Watch Video How does caffeine keep us awake? – Hanan Qasim

YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foLf5Bi9qXs

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Week 3 Discussion

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When boys and girls are born, does their DNA already know what it means to be masculine or feminine?  Or do boys and girls learn masculinity and femininity by watching others?  Is it nature (biology) or is it nurture (environment)?  Watch this video:

When you think about what you have seen and read in our text, decide if you think if it’s EITHER GENETICS (NATURE) OR HOME/ENVIRONMENT (NURTURE) that determine whether you believe the actions of women and men are based more on genetics or the expectations and dictates of society.  In your discussion, it’s important to have your original response and then two other replies to earn full credit.  Do your best to engage with others and have a total of 3 posts in the discussion.  Thank you! Bottom of Form



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Week 2 discussion

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Please respond to ONE of the following discussion prompts.

Review recently published articles on ScienceDaily.com. Summarize a research study that interested you for the class. What element from the research process can you describe for the selected study? Can you describe the study hypothesis?

NOTE: When responding to the article summaries, please stay focused on the research process and avoid spinning off into the discussion of specific diseases or disorders which are out of scope for our class. Thank you.


What is sampling in health care research? Why would a researcher sample a portion of a population when conducting research? Can you differentiate between a sample and a population? Please describe at least 3 different sampling techniques.


Please define and describe at least 3 different data collection methods. Please provide a hypothesis that could be tested or a research question that could be answered in health care and suggest how data could be collected to test the hypothesis or answer the research question.