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I need help with a Computer Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

  • Try to answer each question within 5-7 lines.


1. Describe the Difference engine. [7 points]

2. From the following list, which can be considered as a “general purpose computer”? [3 points]

a. Step Reckoner

b. Difference Engine

c. Analytical Engine

3. What were the limitations of Harvard Mark 1? How does current technology deal with those problem? [7 points]

4. Why is Silicon Valley so called? [3 points]

5. Make boolean logic tables for AND, OR, and XOR (A XOR B). [9 points]

6. Can we implement XOR gate using only NOT, AND, and OR gates? If yes, how? [6 points]

7. How many bits would you need to represent 2018 in binary? How many bytes is that? [5 points]

8. Write “Programming Languages” (excluding the quotes) using ASCII code. [5 points]

9. What were the shortcomings of Assembly languages? [7 points]

10. What were the advantages and limitations of ALGOL? [8 points]

11. What is the difference between parameters and arguments of a procedure? Explain with appropriate examples. [7 points]

12. Write a recursive factorial function/method in C++ or Java (No limitation on number of lines. [7 points]

13. Explain Language Syntax and Language Semantics in your own words. [10 points]

14. Explain how Java codes are compiled and then interpreted. [10 points]

15. Explain the following terms: [6 points]

a. Syntactic sugar

b. API

Extra credit (bonus question):

16. Do you think that C programming language is a successful programming language even though it’s not the most popular language today? Explain your reasonings. [10 points]