watch a video, and answer the questions, 150 words

Can you help me understand this Art & Design question?

watch one of the RoadTrip Nation documentary films. This will help set the framework for the career exploration theme of this course. There are over 54 films! You can watch as many as you want but you are only being asked to reflect on one for the purpose of this discussion. You can view a full list of the films available here: (Links to an external site.)

To register log onto Roadtrip Nation, use the Unique Membership Code: SKYCC19

Post should include:

1. Which film did you decide to view and why?

2. What were your impressions of the film(s)? Would you recommend it? Why?

3. How did you relate to the students? How did you relate to the interviewers?

4. Share one interview quote that really resonated with you?