Walden University Development of Identity and Self Concept Discussion

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To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources for Weeks 1–5
  • Consider the factors that impact identity and self-concept in childhood and early adolescence.
  • Using the Walden Library, locate 2–4 recent (5 years or less) peer-reviewed articles about influences on identity development in childhood and adolescence.
  • Complete either the Adult Attachment Survey (AAS) or the Five Factor Personality Test (FFPT) found in the Week 3 Learning Resources. Please note that these surveys are for your personal use to support this assignment. They are not clinical assessments to be used with clients.
  • Download the assignment template in the Week 3 Learning Resources.

Submit by Day 7 of Week 5 a 4 page paper in which you:

  • Explain how the foundation of identity and self-concept is formed from childhood through adolescence. Include considerations for parenting, attachment, culture, peers, and other environmental influences.
  • Briefly share the outcome of your chosen assessment (one paragraph or less).
  • Discuss how your own early influences have impacted your current identity.
  • Justify your key points with specific references to the module’s assigned Learning Resources and 2–4 peer-reviewed articles from the past 5 years.
  • Use the template provided to outline and develop your application.