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Health Communication Intervention

E-Cigarettes 101 is a health communication intervention campaign that the Galveston County health district (GCHD) has used to address the dangers of using these products. GCHD distributed information on what are E-Cigarettes, what is in E-Cigarettes aerosol, and what they look like. The targeted vulnerable audience for this campaign are youths, and middle and high school students. The program discusses the harm of using the product, and the symptoms that users should look for, such as coughs, shortness of breath, fatigue, fevers, weight loss, and other respiratory conditions. The health communication campaign also used a short 2-minute video with vivid description, animations, imagery, phrases, and first-person narration on how E-Cigarettes were made, what chemicals and compounds were used in its creation, and how it affects the body and why we should ban the production of E-Cigarettes (Galveston County Health District, 2020).

Impact of the Intervention and Suggested Improvement

Based on the data, approximately 3.6 million youths in the U.S utilized an E-Cigarettes within 30 days where the average rate of utilization varies, such as a middle school with a 4.9% rate of utilization and high schoolers with a 20.8% rate of utilization (Galveston County Health District, 2020). The impact based on watching the video should depict a positive reason why we should ban and stop using E-Cigarettes because the video was directed and produced based on its audience which are minors. Therefore, GCHD used simplicity and creativity to gain the audience’s attention and engagement. Lastly, I would make no improvements, because the video and the information that were distributed were informational, engaging, entertaining, and easily understandable and achieved the goal of trying to inform and deter youths and children from E-Cigarettes.


Galveston County Health District. (2020). E-Cigarettes 101. Retrieved from https://www.gchd.org/about-us/news-and-events/e-ci…

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