Volkswagen case analysis

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The Volkswagen case shows how a once revered and respected company chose to respond to increasing Environment Uncertainty in their pursuit of profits. Consider the many factors in their General and Task environment that impacted their decision-making when choosing to install the defeat devices. There were other ways for the company to achieve the required sustainability standards so what prevented them from choosing one of these other options?

The ideas presented in Chapter 4, outline a number of strategies and tactics Volkswagen might have might have adopted to handle their increasingly dynamic and complex environmental uncertainty. Which ones do you think could have worked? What was happening at Volkswagen that prevented them from applying some of these mechanisms? Think of how other companies you are aware of have made changes to incorporate the environmental regulations set by the government and the social expectations of their consumer market. What should the incoming CEO do to regain the company’s reputation and to ensure that something like this never happens again.

As you think of these questions and prepare your Case Notes, please remember to:

  • Highlight a few key Points from the case;
  • Describe the major issue and offer solutions; and
  • Apply concepts from the External Environment chapter to support your analysis.

Feel free to include any updated information on Volkswagen. You might also find this CNN video of interest (but it is not a substitute for reading the case of course.)

2- please answer this question in one paragraph:

The headline of an article published by the Wharton School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania, (March 21, 2019) stated “Exhausted by Scandal: Dieselgate Continues to Haunt Volkswagen.” The article goes on to explain that almost five years later and even after more than $30 billion in fines, penalties, restitution and settlement of law suits, Volkswagen cannot seem to shake off its poor reputation.

Thinking of the concepts from the Environment chapter, what should Volkswagen do to rehabilitate its image? How do your suggestions relate to concepts you have just studied? Would you ever consider buying a Volkswagen yourself?