VIDEO STREAMING discussion (Half Page)

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Recently, competition in the video streaming industry has clearly intensified. Just a few years ago this was pretty simple. Netflix had a very strong position, Amazon and Apple each had niches in terms of pricing and content, Hulu had it own little set of content, and Youtube had the best selection of free stuff. In the past two years the industry has changed, with several new entrants each trying to capture a portion of the market, and the large competitors offering new content. Using whatever sources you find, and that appear most relevant, do some research on the industry. When answering the questions below use facts, and provide references for the sources you use. (Don’t just babble ideas off the top of your head, or you won’t receive many or any points.)

  1. Why have new entrants decided to challenge the market position of Netflix and Amazon? What “doors did they leave open”?
  2. Which firm do you believe will show the biggest gains in market share? Explain your reasoning.
  3. What steps could have Netflix taken to decrease the likelihood of entry?

Start your original post with either the number 1, 2, or 3 and a 3-10 word description of your thinking, which correspond to a question from those above. Please, just focus on one question in your original thread. The syllabus provides further details on what is expected in discussions, and the grading criteria.