Very easy, each part is short. Please complete properly both. Read and follow carefully each one

Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

Question 1: Choose one of the organization’s below and create a mission and vision statement. Open a blank document and formulate a mission and vision for the organization in that document.

Question 2: Compare and contrast the mission, vision, and values of SIX organizations that can be found on the internet. You can use the suggested organizations. Include:

Compare and contrast the mission and vision of the organizations.

  • What similiarities and differences do you notice between:
    • the for-profit and the not for profit organizations
    • the large and small organizations
    • healthcare and other organizations
  • What can you tell about an organization by reading its mission, vision, and values?

You can create a chart or a table to assist in laying out the differences and similarities between the different organizations. Summarize your analysis in a few paragraphs.

you can create a chart or a table for question two and insert information. Then you summarize the analysis.

Question one is separate. No summary is needed for question 1. You only need to create a mission and vision statement for one organization of the suggested list under question one.

for question one. You can use this organization (attached) and create a mission and vision. Thanks